First Post Jitters


I have no idea what I am doing so this will be a bit of a work in progress. Maybe I’ll subject you to some of my poems. Maybe I’ll go on and on about my life….. Who knows!

I’ve read a lot of blogs and there are so wonderfully written that I’m not sure I can compete. I’ll be happy to get a few people reading them! Btw I over use !!!!! Can’t help myself I’m afraid… My grammar is also rather questionable.

Deep down, I would like this blog to be about my life as a single parent and the trials and tribulations of the day. I hope for it to reach other single parents who struggle on and on and on. It can be a bit of thankless task at times!

Anyway, I shall leave it there for now whilst I try to think of what I am going to write about …….

Love and hugs and tea

E xxx

PS Congratulations if you have managed to find this blog after my complete inept attempt to publish it …..



4 thoughts on “First Post Jitters

  1. Fawksey

    This may have no bearing on your personal circumstance. But, for every single mother there is somewhere a father. Probably feckless.

  2. Yay! You are here. Don’t worry about the grammar too much – so long as your meaning is clear that’s all that matters. Just hold off with the exclamation marks. Okay? One is sufficient and even then only sometimes. 🙂 Now. Just enjoy it. It will find its own feet as you go.

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