To care and to be cared for


Today I met a rather wonderful woman from a local Carers charity. My son is on the autistic spectrum and I have chronic fatigue and other such stuff so she came to talk to me about what help is out there.
It is hard to accept that I am seen as a carer for my son and even harder that my children could be seen as my carers. In a family setting, a mum looking after her children is just how it is. Why should I be treated specially for having to look after my son? Being a registered carer means I am entitled to things that other mums are not. Hmmmmmm. It doesn’t seem quite right.
I think part of this comes from the attitude of grinning and bearing it. I am entitled to a break and some pampering as much as anyone but feel guilty when I get the chance.
A bit like when I bought some nail varnish for myself the other day, seems like a bit of an extravagance!
Times aren’t easy for my little family, we’ve all been through a lot over the last few years and now is the moment to step back a bit. This is the chance to let someone else help take the strain whether that be the chance of a free haircut or an afternoon of art and crafts for my children. Let’s do away with mother’s guilt, we are people not robots and to be to able to care for our children we also need to be able to care for ourselves. I’m going to embrace all this charity has to offer my family and one day I hope to be in the position to give something back.
Love, hugs and tea


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