Poem – Muse



Time to find a new muse
So difficult to come by
Has to be a darkened soul
One that makes me sweat at night
And shiver by daylight
I will wait again
For that thunder clap
Slow motion walking
And low bass tones
I will wait again
For my fires to lick up
And scorch my skin
Taking you with me
We’ll be in free fall
But I will cradle your head
Breathe in your scent
And let myself go
I will wait again
To cast off my lines
And let words flow
Dripping wet off me
I’ll run into the storm
I will wait again

Jane Hellyer 2013


3 thoughts on “Poem – Muse

  1. doofus clam

    E, a couple of points. Thanks for sharing btw:

    1. Good poem, is that you? Reminds me of this tune, which i’ve played to you in the car… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vbUWth2gfeg

    2. I’ve actually spent time with you, you’re an engaging, witty and beautiful woman. Don’t confuse the way you think about yourself with what others do, despite what dickheads do it you.

    3. (going on from point 2) – Less dickheads. They’re not worth it, you are. I dropped off Facebook 2 years ago because of other people and their fuckups, you don’t have to deal with them either. Tell them to either work within your parameters, or fuck off. Life is complicated with your own crap, never mind other peoples.

    4. Most normal people respect others issues if told up front. I learned more off you in this blog than in two days, still think you’re ace, but you’ll deal with less crap by being blunt and not giving a fuck. It’s you, it’s what you are, let them deal with it or…

    5. Did I tell you you’re ace?


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