A little ramble about nothing and everything


So (can you start a sentence with the word so?) …. So, I’m sat here with a cup of tea, trying to stay conscious. Eldest is upstairs ‘revising’ for his astronomy GCSE by playing Minecraft and the other two are meant to be tidying their room after it got trashed over the weekend.
My life has been somewhat turned upside down recently after a trip to Costa with a guy I was meant to be climbing with …. We haven’t managed to go climbing yet…. I told him I had built walls, he told me he was good at digging tunnels. The rest is history or something a long those lines.
This is had made me all a bit wobbly and I think my brain may have gone AWOL. Basically, I’m insufferably ditzy right now.
It’s got me thinking though, thinking about life and the universe and stuff. Why do things happen? Why do people wander in and out of your life? What’s it all for? Is there any destiny involved or is it just a random set of circumstances? Hell, I have no idea. Everything just seems a little different now, I could explain it but then I would have to subject to mindless amounts of drivel. I like you too much to do that.
Damn, none of the above context is now relevant as time has moved on. I’m not sat on the floor with tea, I’m now waiting for the girls to not eat their dinner…. And I have to mentally prepare myself for my wisdom tooth extraction tomorrow :/ that’ll be fun. High chance of permanent nerve damage – nice!
I have no idea what I am talking about. If I blog tomorrow then I am not personally responsible for anything I write as I will be recovering from sedation.

Love, tea and hugs


2 thoughts on “A little ramble about nothing and everything

  1. Yes, you can start a sentence with ‘So’. Especially in informal writing like a blog.

    Try not think about ‘life, the universe and everything’ cos therein madness lies! So how did the ‘Costa’ date go? Take care, and good luck with the tooth. x

    • Hello! Thank you for your literary advice.

      Yes …. Not sure my brain can cope with the enormity of the universe!

      Costa date went very well. I’m currently wearing his jumper 🙂 it smells of him.

      Tooth is out and I am in an immense amount of pain 😦 x

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