Milking the tooth extraction


Lying on the sofa in pain. Please send flowers, tea, cake (in liquid form) and foot rubs.

Many years ago I had two wisdom teeth taken out, they decided to leave the other two behind. They shouldn’t have …. Whilst my top tooth has behaved, my bottom tooth has been nothing but a pain in the jaw. Today I had the last laugh as it was cut out of my mouth (well, I will when the pain goes).
You’ll be pleased to know that despite being at high risk of permanent nerve damage, my nerve lives to fight another day. Thank you Zaki the dental surgeon. I also have to thank him for performing the most pain free insertion of a cannula EVER!! And I have veins that dormouse would be ashamed of.
Not quite off my face on prescription medication as I was hoping and the sedation was a bit lack lustre although thinking about it now, I can’t really remember it …. I do recall the surgeon showing me my tooth before it was binned for incineration. Nice to know a small part of me will be cremated later.
Anyway, the staff at the treatment centre were fabulous. I felt a bit like royalty rather than just another number passing through the doors. Maybe I’m just a naturally charming woman?! 😉 more likely they are just very good at their jobs.
My ‘friend’ did a detour just to give me a hug before dashing off to work. This means that ‘friend’ has now met my mother – she was a bit frosty and he was reduced to a nervous stupor – I think it went well, considering.
I’m due another codeine in an hour or so. Long live opiates …

Love, tea and hugs but avoid the kissing please


4 thoughts on “Milking the tooth extraction

  1. Hope the pain goes away soon! I had all four of mine pulled when I was younger the dentist did it then told me I should of gone to hospital for it. Didn’t even get painkillers.

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