Things that annoy me


Thought I’d try to post a more positive blog so here goes …. I don’t want you all thinking I’m depressing arsehole ….

Here’s a list of things that annoy me, no particular order:

1. Noisy eaters
2. People who eat with their mouth open
3. Dog owners who don’t pick up their dog’s poo thus leaving it on the street for my kids to step in
4. Windy days – as in the weather
5. Finding the bathroom towel on the floor, again
6. People who say ‘haitch’ when it is ‘aitch’ ffs get it right!!!!
7. Migraines
8. Periods
9. When the cat leaves muddy paw prints on my clean bedding
10. Bindweed
11. Packaging
12. My landing light as it has a mind of it’s own
13. That none of my children are tidy
14. The school run
15. Cramp in my toes
16. Unexpected rain shower on dry washing
17. The front bench HofC. Most politicians annoy me if I think about it
18. Two faced people – who know who you are 😉
19. Standing on a small, sharp stone or piece of Lego or plug …
20. Stubbing a toe
21. There is not a cat food product on this planet that my cat likes to eat
22. Abnormally happy people
23. Waterproof coats that aren’t actually waterproof
24. Mobile phone battery life
25. Constantly forgetting my passwords
26. Getting old
27. Gok Wan
28. Jeans where the flies keep coming undone for no reason at all
29. Lack of food choice when eating out for dairy intolerant veggies like me grrrrrrr
30. Male friends who think you’re going to have sex with them because you’re single
31. Celebrities – hate them all
32. Daily Mail readers
33. Room 101 – never been the same since they changed the format (for you Julie xxx)
34. Milky tea – just so wrong I can’t even tell you. Don’t even start me on it
35. People who say ‘that’ll learn ya’
36. Needing a wee two minutes after having just done a wee
37. Very loud and nosey receptionists at Dr Surgery eg ‘YOU WANT TO BOOK A SMEAR TEST?’
38. Roller blinds
39. Knickers that aren’t thongs but side ride up your bottom especially when you’re in a public space
40. Flies especially those little ones buzzzzzzzz
41. People who whistle and I include my 7yo in that one
42. Beach sand, gets everywhere, then dries and can only be removed by scrapping off your skin
43. The wind on beaches ……
44. Hair – gets everywhere especially the short and curly ones. Add cat fur to that
45. Milk cartons that leak or dribble milk….you had one job!!!
46. Dust
47. Cleaning glass and windows….. Never looks clean
48. Rude bus drivers and aren’t there a lot of them?! Gits

I could go on but I have a migraine and my eyes are shutting down

Love, tea and hugs


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