My crochet Part 1


Just thought I’d share some of my crochet with you. I’m no expert or artisan. I do it because I enjoy the creative experience – you may be able to buy ready made stuff cheaper (and better made!) but that’s not the point.

The process of turning a strand of yarn into a blanket, a toy, a bag, is truly magical. I cherish this skill. There are many things in life that I can’t do but this is something that I can hold to my heart and be proud of.

I can tell you now that when people use the #crochettherapy … They really mean it. Doing crochet is an act of mindfulness, a bit like going climbing, you are in the moment and you have to concentrate on what you are doing. Crochet gives me a brief respite from all the shite that bubbles around in my brain.

Love, tea, hugs and many balls of yarn
Exxx IMG_3246.JPG








2 thoughts on “My crochet Part 1

  1. Marg

    Hello E. Don’t know how you’re going on with the blanket, but I’d just like to say it’s a brilliant idea! I’m going to take up your idea and have a go myself. Must learn to crochet first! Thank you.

    • Excellent news!

      Blanket is almost finished but lost my hook on the bus this morning 😦

      I learnt to crochet by buying a book teaching crochet to children!


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