Don’t send me your dodgy photos


I’m not sure what I’ve done to encourage this but men have a habit of sending me photos of themselves. For some reason these men think that I need to see their erections or other parts of their body, minus clothing.

I love chatting to people on Twitter, I don’t have the energy or emotional strength for my twitter account to always be about serious issues i.e. Women’s rights, social injustice ….. Maybe men see this as flirting? It isn’t. I have no interest in looking for a date or a bit of casual sexting.

I accept that I have an air of vulnerability about me, I’ve been through a lot and have been quite open about it. That’s probably my biggest mistake, to trust people with such intimate details of my life. I tend to work on the premiss that everyone is ok unless they prove otherwise.

I can’t take that risk anymore, it’s sad but I need to be more cynical and less trusting. My healing and recovery is too fragile and so I need to protect myself better.

It saddens me that this is necessary,
It really shouldn’t need to be said. So here we go …..

Talk to me because you want to not because you have an ulterior motive.

Expect nothing more from me than some friendly banter.

Please don’t send me photos of your erections or other body parts. I have no desire to see them and they upset me.

This blog may put a few noses out joint, I’m sorry about that. I have just had enough of creepy men.


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