The Absent Feminist Part 3


Something I have been thinking about today ….. Just need to get it off my chest …..

I don’t know where I am with feminism right now. I feel pretty sad about the whole thing. It’s such a minefield out there and I often worry about getting stuff wrong and alienating people. That’s probably more a part of me than of feminism. Unfortunately, I’m quite a sensitive soul.

When it comes to feminism , I’m a bit of a fence sitter. I recognise that. There are feminists out there that I agree with and there are feminists out there that I don’t agree with. I do try to listen to all sides and there are occasions when I have had my mind changed by something someone has said/tweeted.

I do have my feet firmly in the ‘being there for all my sisters’ camp, that’s my one strong belief. A lot of my other beliefs are built around my experiences of abuse at the hands of men. Being abused has changed me, it has opened a door to a world of injustice. Not just injustices that I have faced but that many women face, every day. I actually count myself to be very lucky.

The way my life is right now, I am very limited with what I can do to make a change for others. I would like to be more proactive and it does upset me that I can’t do more. I’m still finding my place in feminism, I don’t understand it all. I know I have said this before and I do remember someone telling me to read up on stuff …… Reading is actually a skill I have lost since my CFS relapse. I can write and I can cope with snippets of info but I can no longer digest vast quantities of literature.

So anyway, dear sisters, please bear with me. I will do my absolute best to support you and defend you. If you need to call me out on something, then do (just be mindful that I am quite a fragile soul right now!).

Love, tea and hugs


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