Leave women to make their decisions in private


My latest petition

Just to explain my latest petition ….

After seeing the Youtube video of a pregnant woman confronting protestors outside an abortion clinic (for want of a better term)….. I was amazed to learn that people can protest, film and harass women as they attend their appointments. Apparently, protesting directly outside a clinic is illegal in France, Canada and the US. Why not here?

I realise that we are talking about talking away someone’s right to protest but what of the rights of these women to be left in peace? I’m not saying ban all anti abortion protests as I am a firm believer in freedom of speech – even if I totally disagree with them. What I’m saying is, let’s have an exclusion zone set up so no protesting can take place directly outside a clinic.

This is a highly emotional time for a woman. Some may be in incredible distress but know that abortion is the right choice for them. You may think what they are doing is wrong although, do you not also value these women’s rights to be free from being videoed?

In my eyes it’s a subtle form of violence against women and trying to take control over their bodies, their choices.

So please consider signing this petition to make protesting outside clinics illegal.


Many thanks


4 thoughts on “Leave women to make their decisions in private

  1. Natalia

    I think it is discgusting how anyone has the right to put judgement on women who have their own free will. Obviously these so called human beings who are standing, judging and are being completley out of order obviously have nothing better to do in their pathetic little lives or have that much time on their hands but don’t think about how that individual is feeling and protesters quite frankly should be stopped!

  2. Tina Rowlinson

    At a time when a woman needs support, she is effectively being bullied by the close proximity of protestors. I totally agree with free speech and the right to protest, but I also strongly believe that these activities need to be carried out responsibly. Abortion is a very personal and sensitive issue and people need to leave these woman alone.

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