How to debate with a man


Dear Ladies, it is important that you know how to conduct yourself when arguing with a man. Please remember that you will never win any debate with a man because you are the fairer of sex. I advise you to avoid any possible confrontation with a man by smiling sweetly, saying ‘ok dear’ and then go back to the kitchen to bake cup cakes.

If you do insist on questioning a man’s just and noble opinion then here are few points to help you:

Reconsider and go back to the kitchen. Remember your place.

Never ever use any profanities. This is not ladylike.

Try not to have opinion that the man disagrees with. He is always right even when he is not.

Do not raise your voice, this will upset the man. You have to be in control at all times, your distress is of no concern to him.

If you’re going to use complicated words, make sure that you can give an accurate, dictionary perfect definition. Also, make sure that you are grammatically correct at all times because if you are not, this will distract the man from his noble cause.

Above all else, I will repeat myself by saying that there is no point having an argument with a man. He is always right and your opinion is of no consequence so please be quiet and go back to the kitchen.

Obviously the above is my poor attempt at satire but you get the idea. Recent events on Twitter have triggered a whole heap of unpleasant memories for me. Maybe you think that I am over reacting. I can tell you that when you have PTSD, and various other problems, I am not making a fuss about nothing.

Women should be able to have a conversation without a man butting in and turning it into something it isn’t. This is classic perpetrator behaviour. The amount of times I had arguments with my ex and found myself apologising for something that was not my fault …… So yes, I’m feeling pretty upset right now. I’ve had a night of bad memories and no sleep. You think that you are recovering from the abuse you suffered and ‘bang’ you’re right back at the start.

Maybe I shouldn’t let these men get to me, maybe I should be all strong……maybe they shouldn’t have all started on me for expressing myself. This won’t silence me, this won’t stop me having an opinion that others may disagree with but this has hurt me.

Love, tea and hugs to all my sisters


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