#BenefitsCap – a letter to my children once they are grown. 


#BenefitsCap A letter to my children once they are grown.
Dear D, P and E, 
I hope this letter finds all in a better place than where we were when you were growing up. Please know that I did all I could to provide for you. 
Mummy has not been well for many years (I wonder if I’m better now!). This meant that I couldn’t work, not wouldn’t work. Having a job is a really important part of your adult life and will dictate what you can and cannot do. Sadly, we live in an unequal society where the rich are favoured and the poor are exploited and crushed. 
I’ve always done my best to educate you all on social injustice and how we should care for each other , help one another. It would be wonderful to think that you are all political activists. May your humble upbringings never shackle your future. 

Please know that I never meant for your childhood to be hard. I’m writing this at a time when I don’t know how hard it will actually be. 
You’ve all been through so much already. By the time you read this, I will have told you how we were homeless for three years. How I had to leave your father/step father to ensure that we are alive today. How I tried to protect you from him and the painful truth of his behaviour. How he lost our home from gambling the money away and how sorry I am that you had experience any of this. 
Even in my bleakest moments, I loved you all. All that I have done has been for the three of you. I only wish I could have provided a childhood full of holidays and new experiences. Money may not bring happiness and love but it would have brought us more security and an easier life. 
The news today is that we will lose a lot of money because we need to pay for the mistakes of city bankers (and yes, I will allow you to call them wankers!). How they think that taking away £300 a month from our benefits will help pay off the national debt, I don’t know. What I do know is that austerity has nothing to do with it, it’s all about the ideology of the Tories. That believe that it’s everyone for themselves regardless of whether they can help themselves or not. So get out there and help others.
Prove to the cold hearted that there is another way. Rise above it all.

May you know that I will do all that I can to fight back. 

And always remember that I love you, now and forever. No politician can destroy that. 

Love and precious hugs 

Mummy ️xxx