Worrying turn of events – #BackOff 


Please read the above posts by Katherine O’Brien of

This is a very worrying development and I have to say that I am not only gravely concerned but incredibly angry. Once again, it just validates the argument even further for new legislation. 
As I have been saying all along, if the law was adequate protestors would be stopped and arrested NOT allowed to continue harassing women and having convictions for such overturned. 
Please keep lobbying your MP to sign Diane Abbott and Caroline Lucas’ early day motions. The more political support we get, the better. 
Thanks for your continued support 



20 thoughts on “Worrying turn of events – #BackOff 

  1. Barbaqra

    If harassment is an offence for one thing, it is an offence for another. It feels me with anger that these people can go after staff doing there job and women in a very vulnerable position, doing what is the right thing for them. Exclusion zone is essential. Otherwise we will see the violence experienced in the USA. Talk about people trying to drag us back to the dark ages.

  2. tim

    No point lobbying my MP, he will only toe the party line that gets him up the greasy pole of ass licking politcians. He will agree and maybe even sign, then vote what ever is to his advantage, and continues to do so, so no change from him.

  3. Jenni Bird

    No one should be harassed in their place of work! And anyone who is harassing someone doing their job should be held accountable!

  4. Elaine J Beesley

    I received a reply from my MP for Aberconwy, Guto Bebb, saying there are laws and powers that the Police have to deal with these protesters. I wasn’t surprised by this to be honest.

    • I’ve had a similar response ….. Was also told that he didn’t think access to abortion should be made any easier! Thank Robert Buckland MP for that response. I’ve since moved ….

  5. Does this woman have friends in high places? She was harassing someone at their place of work, found guilty. That should be the end of the story and sentence upheld.

  6. allanwils

    The PSNI have not even arrested People who already have court orders against them, that are meant to prohibit them from being anywhere near a clinic. They are too scared of the churches. So I wouldn’t think they’ll be any different for new restrictions.

  7. Derrington

    To be honest, women baiting has become a sport now. We are degraded and abused in porn for entertainment and our mps refuse to represent us as constituentsbecause they dont believe we have full rights as humans whilst pregnant. They are meant to represent their constituents, not be deciding what they will and wont support based on gender discrimination. Maybe point this out to them?

  8. Anita Bodle

    Put these ‘moralistic people’ in the same position as the women concerned in this petition, and see what their decision would be then!

  9. Jennifer

    I know of many young woman who died having back street abortions in the days before abortion was legal. I believe that woman have the last say in what happens to their bodies. Not many woman have an abortion without many hours of thought.

  10. Peter Silsby

    What better or more sensible way to keep the world population explosion down than by the Aborting of an unwanted pregnancy. These Idealogical idiots need to be kep in their place so that a balanced and reasonable socity can move forward from the dark ages.

  11. Agnela Mary Lisle

    If each case that is put forward for a legal abortion is judged in terms of the costs/risks and benefits to the mother and potential child and an abortion granted then protesters should respect the outcome.

    Why do the protesters think that the mothers who opt for abortions see it as an easy option. The decision is more likely to be very painful and the mother full of anguish. It’s their moral dilemma and all mothers should have the right to make the choice.

    And why pretend that adoption and / or fostering are an option when they are quite often not. In addition, some children who end up in foster care and /or adoption homes are not particularly well cared for.

    Religious arguments for pro-life are also based on often, outdated decisions and/or practices that are androcentric and westernised. For example, if you believe in reincarnation then to return a bundle of energy – i.e. unborn foetus – back to the ‘whole one’ creation itself is not a crime against humanity. It can quite often prevent more suffering than if the foetus was allowed to develop into a full term baby.

    Pro-abortion choices of mothers are evaluated respectfully by professional people and as such should be accepted and not openly contested in a manner that causes more harm than good. If the protesters want to be this active for pro-life then why don’t they reflect on the phenomenon more productively and deliberate a more intellectual way of dealing with a very sensitive problem.


  12. Woman need to say loudly enough!! We are too passive in the face of this type of behaviour. If this type of treatment was meted out to any other group there would be uproar.The labour party segregated woman from men at a public meeting, we did nothing. Could you image any other group in society being segregated on race, sexuality or disability grounds. This issue is indicative of the way woman are being treated on a dai!y basis. When are we going to get together and get angry. We make up at least half the population. I would call that a very powerful force for change. Xx

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