National Poetry Day 


Yes – I know it was yesterday but here’s my contribution that I wrote today anyway…

High chance of rain
When you’re trapped by the ever decreasing circle that is age.

Longing for a chance to turn the next page. 

The Autumn 

The Winter 

Light fades from inside 

And to carry what’s left

Is a burden unwanted 

A memory bereft 
The mirror is showing the self that you are 

In your head there is beauty forged from a star 

See goddess

See dreamscape 

Love freely from pain 

It’s a thick, guilty shame 

But your choices have fixed you, 

There’s a high chance of rain.
So, it is set that this road you are on

Is not the one wanted but the one that has won 

Just bury 

Just swallow 

And those feelings inside 

Are where they should stay 

Never speak of tomorrow 

For it’s always today. 



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