A letter to Sisters Uncut 


It is with great sadness and regret that I have to withdraw my support from your organisation. I really do hope that you take the time to read this email and take on board what I and many other women are concerned about.
As you know, George Osborne announced yesterday that the treasury will use £15million from the controversial tampon tax to fund certain women’s charities. Obviously this caused huge debate online, including Twitter. A member of your group called you out for referring to women having periods – you responded by apologising and correcting your ‘mistake’ by saying that (sic) ‘not all women have periods and not all people who have periods are women’. This left me stunned with huge sense of betrayal added in to the mix. 
I thought women were important to you? It would seem that your organisation wishes to erase women and their specific struggles to pander to a small minority of voices. The person who called me out has since blocked me as I’m a ‘terf’, I don’t care that they have blocked me but I do care that they have used such a misogynistic term to describe me … A woman, a female, a survivor of rape and domestic abuse. Is calling women swerfs and terfs acceptable in your group? (This member also has an issue with the Nordic model which has shown to dramatically reduce violence and murder of sex workers). 
It was only at my CBT session today that I realised how much of this had upset me and triggered me. I was told to step back from you for my own self care as it’s made me so ill. The thing is, I don’t think that you care and that hurts, that really hurts. 
With that one tweet you have just excluded so many amazing women and trans women from your cause (and I do think that you do amazing work to hold society to account). With your efforts to be politically correct, you have shown prejudice to those women who think that it’s not unreasonable to say that women have periods. This is not just a view of biologically female women but that of trans women too. Why are our voices less important than this other person on Twitter? 
We are not hate filled, I am not hate filled. When I go through the menopause, I will not be upset, triggered or offended by anyone saying that ‘women have periods’. I know of infertile women (from birth or through surgery/illness) who are not either. It’s life and we all have to accept that we have different struggles. 
I will continue to fight for women as I have done for years (and just because this person on Twitter hasn’t seen us on marches does not mean I and others are not active. That’s also very ableist. I have ME/CFS so marches are not good for my health but do not discredit the hard work that I have done to help my sisters). 
I have a sinking feeling that you have not read this to the end nor have accepted what I have to say. There has been no acknowledgment on Twitter of the upset caused and yet you were quick to react to being called out. 
I wish your organisation all the best. I’m old enough and ugly enough to be gracious about that.