160000 say #BackOff to anti abortion protestors 


In a world where only the celebrity focused petitions seem to gain huge support …. I’m so happy that my petition has reached over 160k supporters! I’ve been campaigning for well over a year now and visiting No.10 seems like a very long time ago.

There are times when I feel like giving in but knowing that there are so many of you who want the same thing keeps me going. 

You don’t have to agree with abortion to know that these protestors are in the wrong. Women should and need to be able to enter these clinics without fear or shame. They are doing nothing wrong and their reasons for visiting these clinics is NONE OF OUR BUISNESS! It’s really quite easy. 

If the protestors want to shout and wave banners then they can do it anywhere, several 100m away from the doors of clinics. It is time we did more to protect women. I know that abortion is not a cuddly topic like avenging a dead lion or having a late celebrity named after a new periodic element BUT women’s safety is so much more important and that is far more valuable to society. Then we can get on with our  

 lives and tackle everything else. 
Much love and solidarity 





3 thoughts on “160000 say #BackOff to anti abortion protestors 

  1. jrajak10

    Hey, I just signed your government petition. I’m a Catholic myself, and a large proportion of protestors outside abortion clinics (including people I know) are Catholic. What sickens me now is that some groups I’ve gone to almost glorify praying outside clinics, and some churches even promote going outside clinics, giving them the addresses of the clinics and what time they’ll be there to protest. I wrote this blog last year about why I am strongly against protesting outside clinics, giving rational and more ‘religious based’ reasons, as well as alternatives to dealing with the issue of abortion. https://getrektorillquickscopeum9.wordpress.com/2015/05/03/uwotm9/ I wish you all the best with this, keep on doing the good work!

      • jrajak10

        Oh no, it’s not easy at all! I think it is important to speak out though. It’s not easy, and at times frustrating being a Catholic, but I got some positive responses to my blogs from people both pro life and pro choice, which was nice.

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