160000 say #BackOff to anti abortion protestors 


A Woman Alone

In a world where only the celebrity focused petitions seem to gain huge support …. I’m so happy that my petition has reached over 160k supporters! I’ve been campaigning for well over a year now and visiting No.10 seems like a very long time ago.

There are times when I feel like giving in but knowing that there are so many of you who want the same thing keeps me going.

You don’t have to agree with abortion to know that these protestors are in the wrong. Women should and need to be able to enter these clinics without fear or shame. They are doing nothing wrong and their reasons for visiting these clinics is NONE OF OUR BUISNESS! It’s really quite easy.

If the protestors want to shout and wave banners then they can do it anywhere, several 100m away from the doors of clinics. It is time we…

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Non dairy pavlova 


Watching the amazing Nigella Lawson on her BBC 2 Simply Nigella show, I finally found a recipe that I could make but no…!!!!! She finished if off with cream. 

Whilst I’m a vegetarian, not a vegan, I can’t eat dairy as it gives me the most awful migraines 😦 I then started my journey to look for a non dairy whipped cream and found  a recipe for one on The Guardian website. 
Here are the links:


I was lazy and didn’t do the ice bath or the melting of the fat first. I also didn’t add the lemon to the meringue and I think I will if I make it again as it was mega sweet!! 

This was the first time I’ve made a meringue since school so it was rather cracked …. Didn’t fall apart when cut so that’s a positive! The kids all loved it and there were no complaints about the soya cream. Finding a decent recipe for whipped cream work revolutionise my food! There are so many desserts out there that I haven’t been able to make (yet to find a decent chocolate alternative 😦 ). 

I hope to find more dairy free and vegan recipes next year to try and share with you all 
Love, hugs, tea and crochet 





Dear UK Editor of IBTimes, 

I was very disappointed to read the wholly negative article on the policy launch of WEP yesterday (20.10.15) written by Abi Wilkinson.

As a working class, benefit claiming, survivor of domestic and sexual abuse, single mother; I can safely say that yesterday was a momentous day for me and many women across the UK. To dismiss the WE party is to dismiss my voice and I have waited a long time to be given a voice! I finally feel listened to and taken seriously. No other political party can claim to listen to their members and allow them to influence policy as WE does. WE trusts us.

I regard ALL women as my sisters, call me naïve and idealist if you like, whatever background they happen to be born into or life they happen to find themselves in. WE is there for women who do not earn high wages by tackling the gender pay gap, parental leave and access for all to work place tribunals. WE recognises the importance of carers and the unwaged. WE will be examining the various guises of carers to see where inequalities lie. Polices will grow and adapt as WE does.

As for parliament, surely no one can think that having more women MPs will not result in change for women? And change for the better! A 50:50 parliament is a must. WE may well be non-partisan but that will not prevent the party from seeking election. I am more than confident that WE will choose women from all walks of life to run for parliament or council seats (and support them to do so). A change is the air, women have had enough of being ignored, being told to go away! The article you published simply plays into the hands of the male, political elite who wish to dismiss WE as ‘yet another pressure group that will do nothing’. WE are going nowhere!

To adopt the Nordic approach to sex work is incredibly brave. It was always going to create controversy. WE states that it wishes to end demand for the sale of sex but also seeks to protect women who do so. Women will not be prosecuted for selling sex, couple this with the key objective to end violence against women and it strikes me as very progressive move. These women do matter to WE, their safety is as important as any other woman’s. Please read the policy document (esp. page 33) as I cannot hope to convey all the points made in a letter.

I would like to invite Abi Wilkinson to attend local branch meetings and meet the people who are on the ground, fighting for women’s equality. Talk to us, engage with us rather than dismiss us.


Kind regards

Erika Garratt

WE Swindon Branch Secretary.



Abortion is not a dirty word! 


As you know, I started a petition in Novemeber last year calling for buffer zones to be created out side of abortion clinics. Bpas also named me as one of their champions of choice for my campaigning after presenting the petition to No.10. Sadly, I haven’t been able to bring about change …. Yet! 

I am heartened by the continued news coverage of abortion clinics and by research stating how most women do not regret their abortions (please read the article by Rebecca Schiller article on the statistics at the end of this post). 

I’m going to be clear and say that I will not use the term ‘anti choice’ (even though protestors are anti choice) as abortion is not a dirty word. I spoke to a researcher from BBC R4 ( sadly they didn’t run with the piece) about the stigma and taboo surrounding abortion. Women feel shamed in to keeping their abortions secret, this should not be the case. Many of us would be open about having a medical procedure without fear of recrimination. Having an abortion is a medical procedure too, it really is that simple so women should have safe access to medical help. 

Despite what anti abortion protestors would like you to think…

Abortion is legal up to 24 weeks. 

Late abortions are very rare.

Abortion is not murder.

No baby or child has been killed.

Women are not ignorant of their decisions. Many women already have children and even if they haven’t, women can be trusted to make their own choices over their bodies. 

Abortion saves lives! I can’t imagine the pain a woman would go through having to give birth to an unwanted baby. Not to mention the life that baby may go on to have.

I may well be preaching to the converted here but I feel I need to keep posting blogs on this issue as it is not going away. Buffer zones are the only practical answer to the blight and upset that anti abortion protestors cause. They may have a right to protest but they do not have the right to cause upset and harass women and staff just because they don’t like it! 

Below are two links …. One is an open letter to the Health Secretary Jeremy   Hunt MP, the other is a link to Bpas so you can lobby your MP. 



Please sign my petition if you haven’t done so yet and share with others. 
Many thanks for your continued support 


Poem – Ode to my Counsellor


She says ‘you’re picking the scabs
You’re letting him win’
‘Time has moved on
Put it all in the past
Get on with your life
Draw a line in the sand’
I answer that I know
What I’m doing is wrong
But I can’t help my brain
Saying the pain hasn’t gone
I didn’t get justice
He walks the land free
The lack of a sentence
Is cold steel in me
‘So what should you do
To heal yourself now’
I said I don’t know, I wish he was dead
Struck down by a car
With a hole in his head
And yes I know that makes me bad
To hope that this ‘man’
Is cut short in his prime
But he’ll never suffer
Like he made me did
The fear and the sadness
Covered firm with a lid
You know there’s a scream
A roar in my mind
That met me with silence
She couldn’t reply.