Ode to Trump 
You’re only in it for fame

With your haystack hair 

And your racist game

It’s clear to most 

From land to coast 

That the only thing you 

Care about 

Is dividing a nation 

Via self congratulation 

We’re laughing at you 

And your heart of poo

But the prospect of 

The nuclear button sitting 

Under your piles of glutton 

Scare us all silly 

And as for your willy

We don’t need to know

Stop stooping so low 

And get off the stage 

With your orange faced rage 

This world needs a POTUS

Not a dick who’s a right cuss. 
By @extreme_crochet 

Aka me 🙂 xxx 


I Close My Eyes – Poem 


I close my eyes in the darknessIn the hope that you’re not there

It’s a burden that I live with 

A pain I cannot share.
My eyelids are like blankets 

I shroud myself from view 

To feel a certain safety 

And sleep again renewed. 
These eyes are tired and sore

From seeing damage done 

Like dust from absent dew drops 

Those battles only lost not won.
I close my eyes despite the darkness 

A hood of velveteen 

There’s safety in there somewhere 

Amongst treasures left unseen. 

I don’t have a thigh gap – poem 


I don’t have a thigh gap

My legs join at the top
I’ve no idea if my mons 
Is fashionable or not. 
My breast are too small 
To fit into a bra
My stomach has bloated 
To the size of a car
There’s lines on my face
But worse there is hair 
It seems to want to grow everywhere 
No creams, cleansers or lotions 
Applied to my skin can stop it
From giving up and caving in
I have to accept that it
Comes to us all
Not all Cinderellas can go to the ball
The airbrush they use may as well be a gun 
Pointing at women and saying
‘Hey! You look wrong’
So maybe it’s time we said 
‘Fuck you’ to that crap
I’ll grow old in my own way 
So go swivel on that. 

Some poetry for you…..


All Over Again

You nurture the seed
‘Till a seeding does grow
And you watch and you wait
For the change to a plant
See it flower and fruit
And then watch it die
Collect up the seed
Bag it up when it’s dried
Another year starts
You plant a new seed
And you find yourself
Doing it all over again
And over again
And over again
And you find yourself
Doing it all over again.

Jane Hellyer 2013


There’s a tiredness that sleep won’t reach
It’s a tiredness that cannot rest
It will take away your very soul hanging like a puppet
With no master to control your moves
Useless and no direction known

Left crawling on your knees
With echoes of dreams still in your ears
Popping and humming like a siren song
That makes you forget all that you know
But no laudanum has touched your lips
That would be too simple a cure
No, this is a much darker tale
That will leave you wasting in a chair
And watching life run past like fire

Jane Hellyer 2013



Fuck off

You know nothing of me
You know nothing of me
I would have waited for you
Would have crushed all your foes
But you made me a fool
Brought me down like a tree
I was graceful and willing
I was up for the taking

You know nothing of me
You know nothing of me
To treat me this way
Like I’m unworthy of you
Well, you know what to do
You can go screw yourself
And fuck off with your words
They mean nothing to me

You know nothing of me
You know nothing of me
So just stay away now
I do not want to know
How my beauty is great and my passionate soul
Don’t you think I don’t know
You can fuck off with that




Maybe you were forged upon a crescent moon
With sparks to form your tongue
Maybe you were found under a wind battered tree
With roots to make you strong
Maybe you were sunken in the ocean grey
With the steely sharks that roam
I just don’t know where you came from
Or where you plan to go
I only know it’s not with me
The siren’s sang your song
And you will go just where she wills
And I will go alone

And you will go just where she wills
And I will go alone.

Jane Hellyer 2013.

Poem – Muse



Time to find a new muse
So difficult to come by
Has to be a darkened soul
One that makes me sweat at night
And shiver by daylight
I will wait again
For that thunder clap
Slow motion walking
And low bass tones
I will wait again
For my fires to lick up
And scorch my skin
Taking you with me
We’ll be in free fall
But I will cradle your head
Breathe in your scent
And let myself go
I will wait again
To cast off my lines
And let words flow
Dripping wet off me
I’ll run into the storm
I will wait again

Jane Hellyer 2013