My year in a blanket …..

It’s not quite a year as I didn’t start it in January. Someone on Twitter gave me the idea of the #crochetmoodblanket2014 and I’ve thought it was a lovely, creative form of therapy.

I was at home, recovering from my suicide attempt and ongoing panic attacks and anxiety …. Crocheting a square a day became my little meditation for the day. A moment for me to make a square and let thoughts drift in and out without giving them too much of my time and emotional energy.

My one rule was that I would not use black! I think the reasons are obvious….. The whole blanket could end up being black! By the very nature of the blanket taking me this long to complete – there’s the blackness, the dark days. There have been many reasons why I haven’t managed to crochet a square a day:

Too sad
Too ill
Too anxious
Too heartbroken
Too busy
Too bored
Too unmotivated etc

The blanket will take me another few months but this doesn’t bother me. It will still show the journey of one of the toughest years of my life.

As for the colours… I don’t have a limitless budget to spend on yarn, such is life! 🙂 This means that I have had to repeat colours to build up a decent sized blanket. Having said that, all the colours that are in the blanket have been chosen because I’ve been drawn to them in some way.

Blues – the sky, the sea, Springtime, Summertime, cold days, low days, dark days

Green – Springtime, foliage, off colour days, meh days, countryside

Purples – International Women’s Day, domestic abuse, spiritual moments

Yellows – Springtime, beach sand, flowers, sunshine, happiness

Oranges – heat, hot days, energetic moments, Halloween, Autumn

Browns – Autumn, dead leaves, mud, dull days, crap days

Red – angry days, roses, Notting Hill, heartbreak, blood

Pink – love, happiness, joy, summer flowers, blossom, perfume

Whites – pale days, off days, nondescript moments, meh, loss, washed out

Some yarns are mixed and some have glitter …. Just chosen because I like them 🙂

The border and joining yarn will be cream. With all these colours, it needed to be balanced with something pretty neutral!

I really do look forward to the day that I finish this blanket and can focus on other crochet projects! I hope this blanket will be in my family for a long time and even outlive me – becoming a memory blanket of a year of my life.

Love, tea, hugs and yarn
Exxx IMG_1997.JPG